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Building Environment & Materials Lab (BEM) was established in 2008 and supervised by Prof. Sumin Kim in Department of Architecture and Architecture Engineering at Yonsei University. BEM has studied for improvement of building environment performance and building energy reduction technology using building materials. Especially, we have conducted a variety of researches on building materials with application of phase change materials (PCMs) and carbon-based materials to improve the energy efficiency and built environment of the buildings.
In addition, our current research works are focused on technologies for improving the performance of living-friendly building, hygrothermal performance of buildings, and development of passive building technology. The pursuit of comfort in buildings have led to the control of pollutants and moisture problem; the development of absorbent materials for pollutants utilizing porous materials or environmentally-friendly building materials, and optimization of building materials to improve hygrothermal performance were being studied in BEM.

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