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2019 (@Yonsei)
28. Jisoo Jeon, Ji Hun Park, Seunghwan Wi, Sungwoong Yang, Yong Sik Ok, Sumin Kim,
Characterization of biocomposite using coconut oil impregnated biochar as latent heat storage insulation,
Chemosphere, 236, 124269. (2019-12)

27. Jisoo Jeon, Ji Hun Park, Seunghwan Wi, Sumin Kim,
Thermal performance enhancement of a phase change material with expanded graphite via ultrasonication,
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 79, 437-442. (2019-11)

26. Abdo Abdullah Ahmed Gassar, Geun Young Yun, Sumin Kim,
Data-driven approach to prediction of residential energy consumption at urban scales in London,
Energy, 187, 115973. (2019-11)

25. Hyun Mi Cho, Ji Hun Park, Seunghwan Wi, Seong Jin Chang, Geun Young Yun, Sumin Kim,
Energy retrofit analysis of cross-laminated timber residential buildings in Seoul, Korea: Insights from a case study of packages,
Energy and Buildings, 202, 109329. (2019-11)

24. Jiwon Yoo, Seong Jin Chang, Seunghwan Wi, Sumin Kim,
Spent coffee grounds as supporting materials to produce bio-composite PCM with natural waxes,
Chemosphere, 235, 626-635. (2019-11) 

23. Hwayoung Lee, Sungwoong Yang, Seunghwan Wi, Sumin Kim,
Thermal transfer behavior of biochar-natural inorganic clay composite for building envelope insulation,
Construction & Building Materials, 223, 668-678. (2019-10)

22. Hyun Mi Cho, Jongki Lee, Seunghwan Wi, Sumin Kim,
Field study on indoor air quality of wood remodeled welfare facilities for physical and psychological benefits,
Journal of Cleaner Production, 233, 197-208. (2019-10)

21. Seunghwan Wi, Sungwoong Yang, Umberto Berardi, Sumin Kim,
Assessment of recycled ceramic-based inorganic insulation for improving energy efficiency and flame retardancy of buildings,
Environment International, 130, 104900. (2019-09)

20. Hubdar Ali Maitlo, Ki-Hyun Kim, Vanish Kumar, Sumin Kim, Jae-Woo Park,
Nanomaterials-based treatment options for chromium in aqueous environments,
Environment International, 130, 104748. (2019-09)

19. Hyun Mi Cho, Seunghwan Wi, Seong Jin Chang, Sumin Kim,
Hygrothermal properties analysis of cross-laminated timber wall with internal and external insulation systems,
Journal of Cleaner Production, 231, 1353-1363. (2019-09) 



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